should provide package declaration, documentation and annotations. Documentation and annotations are optional, while declaration must be provided and will be generated automatically when creating the file e.g. with the Eclipse wizard.

Wizard: when creating a new Java Package you will see a check box “create” at the bottom.
Declaration: e.g. package MayCurrentPackage;
Documentation: Add author, details (licence, version,…) about the project and instructions if needed. Documentation about the project will be shown in Javadocs.
* Domain classes used to produce .....
* <p>
* These classes contain the ......
* </p>

Annotations: Use IDE’s code assistant to see annotation options, just start typing “@”. Use this file for e.g. to mark methods deprecated (@Deprecated).
* @since 1.0
* @author sabinaorazem
* @version 1.1
* @serial
* @see
* @category
*/ is also used by e.g. CheckStyle and FindBugs tools.

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