TODO page 41

Directory Comments
/ Root directory
/bin Contains binaries (programs) that must be present for the system to boot
/boot Contains the Linux kernel, initial RAM disk image (for drivers needed at boot time), and the boot loader.
/dev List of devices (device nodes) kernel understands
/etc System config files, shell scripts which start each of the system services at boot time
/home Each user is given a dir in home (users can only write files in their home dirs)
/lib Shared libraries used by the core system program
/lost+found TODO
/media TODO
/mnt TODO
/opt TODO
/proc TODO
/root home dir for root account
/sbin “system” binaries = programs that perform vital system tasks that are generally reserved for the superuser
/tmp storage of temporary files created (by various programs)
/usr all programs and support files used by regular users
/usr/bin TODO

shared libraries for the programs in /usr/bin
/usr/local TODO

system administration files

shared data for the programs in /usr/bin
/usr/share/doc documentation from packages installed on the system
/var data that is likely to change/td>
/var/log records of various system activity/td>